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Full Movie: Trisha Caught by Lady Savana

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Full Movie: Trisha Caught by Lady Savana

Trisha Caught by Lady Savana

I was working as a maid for Lady Savana, and whilst tidying her bedroom, I found a vibrator under her pillow, so I just had to give it a try, after which I had a look in the drawers of her bedside cabinet and found a whole range of toys, so I proceeded to indulge myself. Well, I lost track of time and was pounding away with a big black rabbit vibrator when Lady Savana walked in and caught me hard at it. She was very angry with me but asked me to help her get undressed. She then produced a new strap-on vibrator and decided we should try it out.

I lay back on the bed, and Lady Savanna slid one end of the vibrator into my wet pussy, switched it on with the remote control, then climbed on top of me, sliding the other end deep onto her juicy cunt. She rocked gently up and down, both of us enjoying the vibrations, with Lady Savana changing the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations with the remote control while I squeezed her beautiful breasts, and it wasn't long before we both reached a climax.

We continued fucking each other with the vibe, then we decided to swap places, Lady Savana laying on her back and me on top. I slid the short end into her pussy, then climbed on top and slid down on the shaft of the vibe. I had the remote control, so I ran through the functions until we both were satisfied, but we needed more, so I leaned across to the toy drawer to see what else I could find.

I found a couple of nice vibrators; I had used them before, but I didn't want to let on as she had only caught me with the black one. We switched them on and slid them effortlessly into our wet juicy pussies. Mine had a vibrating flap that stimulated my clit as I fucked myself with the vibe, and Lady Savana had one with a spinning wheel with mini paddles that slapped her clit as it span round and it was not long until we both reached a fantastic climax but we still were not completely satisfied what we needed now was a real cock.

Released:Sep 14, 2023
Length:26 min

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