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Full Movie: Summer Angel Lee & Trisha Sharing a Room

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Full Movie: Summer Angel Lee & Trisha Sharing a Room

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Full Movie: Summer Angel Lee & Trisha Sharing a Room

Summer Angel Lee & Trisha Sharing a Room

As a senior manager I was staying at a nice hotel during a team building exercise and was just getting settled into my room when one of the office juniors, Summer Angel Lee, walked in and claimed it was her room. After speaking to reception it seemed there had been a mix up and there were no other rooms available and asked if we could be accommodating and share the room for at least one night. As there was no other option we decided to make the best of it and get changed for dinner, but when summer started to strip off and reveal her voluptuous body and sexy lingerie I thought sharing might not be a bad option. I invited her to join me on the bed and then I stripped off and we started caressing each other's bodies. Next, I started squeezing her ample breasts and sucking on her nipples making them nice and hard, then I started rubbing her very wet pussy before getting between her legs and pulling her panties to one side and finger fucking her and sucking on her juicy clit bringing her to orgasm. Next I removed my bra so she could suck on my very hard nipples then after some passionate kissing I introduced her to my vibrating wand. I removed my panties and Summer got to work on my pussy with the wand pushing it hard against my clit sending ripples of pleasure through my body. Then after bringing me to an electrifying climax she sucked hard on my very wet juicy pussy. Now it was Summer's turn to sample the delights of my wand so she laid back, I removed her panties and then I started rubbing the wand between her very sensitive pussy lips. As she moaned with pleasure and enjoyed a very satisfying climax, I handed her the wand and she worked it on her clit while I fingered her pussy and she once again enjoyed several orgasms.

Released:Jul 03, 2023
Length:26 min

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